How to Survive a long haul flight in Economy

During August 2016 Archie and I went to Thailand for 2 weeks with his family. There was no backpacking involved, and for 2 weeks we stayed on the Island of Koh Samui, as a well-earned break from University.

Being my first long haul flight I was slightly nervous and spent weeks scrolling through Pinterest looking for things to entertain me for 10 hours on an all day flight. Despite all my worries, I didn’t find the flight all that bad, the films on Thai Airways were fantastic with TV series such as The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls which I enjoyed a fair few hours of. However, if you aren’t so lucky to have great TV I found some things to keep you entertained on your long haul flight in Economy.

Although I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to flying I figured I would write this blog post for those of you who like me, aren’t accustomed to long haul travel and what’s obvious to most people isn’t obvious to us!

  1. An eye mask! This was an important thing I missed during my flight, having never needed an eye mask before I didn’t even think of packing one, I was too worried over travel adapters to make sure I captured my trip to be looking around amazon for an eye mask and lets be real, did I really need one? YES!! Yes I did! I ended up putting my sunglasses over my eyes in the hope to get a few hours sleep whilst sitting next to that one annoying person on the plane who insisted on having their reading light on despite it being the flights ‘night time’ and all any sane person wanted to do was sleep.
  2.  Some over the head headphones, another thing I missed out whilst packing my day bag… The iPhone earplugs are fine for the first 3 hours but then they got really uncomfortable and you’re either stuck using them or you need to switch to the airplanes ones, which after reading it on a recent blog post, it wasn’t something I was particularly thrilled in doing.
  3. now, unlike Zoella I’m not one to pull out the face masks for a pamper session on a plane, but if you are someone who does then please continue, I find that your comfort is key in surviving this long haul flight so if a pamper session help you feel comfortable then please continue 🙂 however if you’re more like me and can’t think of anything worse than slapping wet, gooey paper sheets on your face then you may find a moisturiser and lip balm the perfect duo. On planes your skin tends to get really dehydrated, this is due to the air con or heating (depending on where you’re flying from) and it tends to really dry out my skin. I find that a slightly thicker moisturizer than my normal go to is really all I need, I used the Simple SPF 30 during my whole trip and found that adding a little more than I usually would whilst on the plane really helped to stop my skin drying out.I also used the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm with SPF 20 to keep my lips hydrated and stopped them getting burnt during the days in Thailand. Although the lip balm was great for the SPF and it did do a really good job of hydrating my lips during my trip I didn’t really like the taste and found it off putting.
  4. Fluffy Socks, these were a big help to help me stay comfy and warm whilst trying to sleep on the plane. Looking back now I should have invested in some flight socks as on the way back my feet and ankles did swell however it really wasn’t too bad. But the fluffy socks kept me warm and cozy during the 10-hour flight.
  5.  Netflix, I wish I had taken my iPad to download some Prison Break onto my tablet to give me a few hours of catch-up between food and drinks. Or a good book, I took Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which I found a really easy read with a great plot.

I hope this guide helps you during your next long haul flight. Let me know what your travel essentials are in the comments down below and where you’re next traveling too.

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Lucy x

how to survive a long haul flight in economy